Tuesday, 24 February 2015

2nd Year Oil Pastel Exhibition


2nd Year Art Exhibitors

Welcome to the brand new St. Patrick's Comprehensive Art Department blog! We encourage you to explore our forum for showcasing our extremely talented art students’ creative skills and engage with their progression through the learning process. Here you will observe current projects as they come to fruition and students discussing their views on what inspires them. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our creative labour!

2nd Year Exhibitor Thomas McLaughlin at the opening of "Organic"

Our first blog post is dedicated to the opening of the schools new “gallery space”. Staff & management recently assessed the school grounds  for a fresh and inviting space that would be suitable for exhibiting our students completed art work. Due to the extensive natural light sources radiating through the space and the regular flow of potential viewers it was decided that our student cafeteria was the perfect space! The first step in the creation of our new gallery  included a “makeover” of the wall space and fixtures. A brave colour selection was made for our feature wall: pistachio green accented with a soft chalky cream.

Students applying finishing touches before framing

Once our interior update was completed the space really came to life with our debut exhibition entitled “ Organic”, a selection of vibrant fruit and vegetable compositions created by our 2nd Year artists in the richly layered medium of oil pastels.

Students were given a brief to choose either a piece of fruit or a vegetable and create an observational study of the shape, colour, form, texture & tone.

Truly amazing results were achieved and students really adapted to this new medium which reflects their artistic ability in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Twelve of our artists pieces are currently on display in our new gallery and are due for rotation soon in order to display our remaining artists work, this method encourages our students to create new & exciting work and keeps our viewers engaged as the exhibits change.

Parents & family are always welcome to view the exhibits and work will be updated regularly on our blog.

Michelle Dunican & Hazel Conway

Anna Von Metzradt & Joanna Michalak

Gearoid Tobin